What is my preschooler learning?

This month, we’re introducing preschoolers to the truth that God is always with them. When they’re in the car, He’s there. When they’re at home, He’s there. When they go to preschool, He’s there. When they are making wise choices, He’s there. When they’re making not-so-wise choices, He’s there. He is ALWAYS with us. Always.

As we unpack the stories of Deborah, Ruth, Naomi and Boaz, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and Daniel, we will show our preschoolers various situations where God was right there helping the entire time. Because they can’t see God with their eyes, it is harder for preschoolers (and many adults) to understand that He’s there with us every minute of every day. By learning and investigating these stories from the past, we hope to show them that God is with us even though we can’t see Him.

Want to learn more? Watch this short video!

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All month, we will be talking about Joshua 1:9, which says ” God is with you wherever you go!”. We are excited  about the month ahead of us and hope to see you and your preschooler on Sunday morning!



Download these great resources!

We want to equip you, the parent, to continue teaching your child about what they learned at church all week long! Does this sound overwhelming? Don’t fret! We have great resources for you!

Below, you will find:

  1. “God Time”: Designed for elementary aged kids. These are fun, short, and meaning ful devotions for your kids to do with you! (Download available below titled “Elementary, week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4.)
  2. “Small Talk”: Designed for preschool aged kids. These are fun, meaningful things to do during common activities such as bath time, meal time, and car time! (Download available below titled “Preschool, page 1 and 2.)Week 4_Page_2 Week 4_Page_1 Week 3_Page_1 Week 3_Page_2 Week 2_Page_2 Week 2_Page_1 Week 1_Page_2 Week 1_Page_1 Preschool_Page_2 Preschool_Page_1

We hope you enjoy these resources as much as we do!

Antioch Kids: Preschool

Are you wondering what your preschooler and toddler are learning on Sunday mornings in September? All month long, your child will be learning that “God loves me.”

Why does He love me”, they ask?

The answer is simple. “Because God made me!”

Week 1: The month began with us talking about creation. This lesson emphasized that God made each and every one of us.

Week 2: We will talk about the story of the lost sheep to show how much God loves us. He loves us so much that He will always search for us!

Week 3: Then we will talk about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and learn that not only does God love us, but He will help us.

Week 4: Finally, we will learn that Jesus is our good friend, as seen in the story when Jesus calms the storm.

Week 5: A fun review of all 4 stories we have learned this month!

Below, you will find a great tool which recommends using Bath Time as a teaching time, designed to help your child remember what they are learning on Sunday mornings!

We added a fun station to your preschooler’s Sunday morning experience. After story time, your preschooler is invited to a fun worship experience! We’d think this is one of the coolest things that happens on Sunday mornings. There is nothing as joyful as 40 preschoolers singing to God and telling Him how much they love Him! We’d love for you to check it out, too.

We are praying that you and your preschooler enjoy Sunday mornings! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

See you Sunday!

Linda Van Voorst