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Antioch Kids is dedicated to maintaining a safe and loving environment for children where the Bible is taught and kids learn about Jesus.

We place a high priority on our children’s program at Antioch because we believe kids are an important part of the church. We do not simply want to entertain kids so parents can “go to church”. We hope to instill knowledge of the Lord! We pray that this will lead to a passion for Jesus that will give kids direction through the rest of their lives. And, of course, we hope to have lots of fun along the way!

We do this by being kid targeted. We want to do the kind of things that kids really enjoy. We do this by placing a high priority on safety. The world is a scary place for kids, and we take strategic steps to keep Antioch Kids safe. We do this by being relevant. Our goal is to creatively teach the Bible so kids “get it” rather than “endure it”. We do this by equipping parents as well as teaching children. Together, parents and the church, we can make a great team!

We invite you to check your child into Antioch Kids — a safe, fun, Bible-centered environment for children on Sunday mornings. We hope to see you Sunday!



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