God Promises a New Covenant

Coming up this week in Antioch Kids we will discover God’s exciting plan for a newer and better covenant. A covenant is an agreement between two or more people. God has been making covenants with His creation since the beginning of time. These covenants  always require obedience. But throughout history, people choose to do what they want instead of what God wants.

As you probably know, it is impossible to always get God’s rules right. The people of Judah were no different. They decided to worship things that were not God. God sent Jeremiah to remind the people of Judah to worship God and then gave a warning. If they did not listen to this warning, God would allow His loved people to go into exile. Exile was like a long timeout for the people of Judah. But good news! God is good and He did not plan on leaving His people in timeout forever.

Jeremiah had more to tell the people of Judah–and it was good news. God would send His son Jesus to keep all of the rules for us. Jesus was going to live a perfect life and be a perfect sacrifice so that God would see us as good, too.

As you review this story with your child, we encourage you to reinforce these truths:

  • The people of Judah could not keep God’s rules.
  • God put the people into a time out called exile.
  • God made a new promise to keep His rules for us.
  • Jesus was the one who kept God’s promise.

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