God Chose Jeremiah

This Sunday kids at Antioch will learn about the people of the Southern Kingdom of Judah. They were afraid! They had watched as the Northern Kingdom, Israel, was destroyed. Now they were concerned for their own safety. God called on Jeremiah to give a message to the people.

Each time God calls someone, He helps him or her to do His work. Like Moses, Jeremiah was afraid: “Oh no, Lord, God! Look, I don’t know how to speak since I am only a youth” (Jer. 1:6). God assured Jeremiah: “I will be with you” (Jer. 1:8).

The people in the land of Judah were in deep trouble because they had chosen to worship things that were not God. Jeremiah’s job was to warn them–return to the Lord and stop sinning!

Before Jeremiah told this message to the people of Judah, God gave him two visions. In the first he saw a branch of an almond tree. This was a sign that God was watching and that Jeremiah could trust Him. In the second vision he saw a boiling pot which meant that their was trouble coming from the north. Jeremiah had the big and terrifying job of explaining these visions to the people of Judah.

God planned to use Jeremiah to deliver this message long before Jeremiah was born. In a similar way, God had planned all along to send His Son, Jesus, to show us what God is like and to show all of creation that God is love.

As you review this story with your child, we encourage you to reinforce these truths

  • The people of Judah stopped obeying God.
  • Jeremiah was given a message to tell Judah:  love and obey God.
  • Why should we obey God? We obey God because He loves us.
  • We are made to love and obey God.

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