This week we will walk with Job through a very challenging part of his life when he lost pretty much everything he had and suffered physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We will see that God was teaching Job about trust during this time, but He was doing far more than that.

A lot of bad things happened to Job. This caused Job to ask lots of questions of God. God responded! He reminded Job that the world is amazing, however it is not as it was designed to be. Jesus came with good news—God is making all things new! He invites us to trust and follow him, and join with him in the reconciliation of all things. Like Job, we are invited to trust God’s wisdom.

Help your kids remember that that can trust God always, even when life is difficult. Encourage them to trust and remember that God is in control—always. As you talk, reinforce these truths which they will hear in Antioch Kids this week:

  • God is good.
  • Job was very sad, but he loved God.
  • God said He is in charge of everything He made.
  • Why can we trust God? We can trust God because He is good.
  • Why can we trust God? Everything God does is for His glory and our good.
  • Job learned that God is all-powerful, in control, and good.

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