Wisdom for God’s People

Last week we learned how King Solomon asked God for wisdom and God made him wise. This week we will explore some of Solomon’s wisdom that he was guided by God to write in the Book of Proverbs. Proverbs provides God’s people with great principles for living.

Wisdom comes from God. He made the world and knows it works best when we trust and obey Him! God wants us to respect His authority and live in daily awareness of His presence and love which we know because of Jesus.

Invite your child to think about God making him or her. It was no accident that he chose your skin color, hair texture, personality, and energy level–and more! When God made us, he knew that life would go best when we trust and obey Him. True wisdom comes from God and transforms us. That is the nature of the gospel.

We invite you to talk about these truths with your kids throughout the week:

Babies and Toddlers
God knows everything.
God made Solomon very wise.
Solomon wrote that wisdom comes from loving God.
Jesus spoke with God’s wisdom because He is God’s Son.

Preschool and Elementary Kids
Where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God.
Wisdom is loving God and obeying Him

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