Solomon’s Sin Divided the Kingdom

This week we will see how despite King Solomon’s great wisdom, he still made bad decisions and his sin divided the people of Israel. When Solomon’s son Rehoboam became king, the people asked for him to ease up on them, but Rehoboam listened to the bad advice of his peers and actually demanded more from the people. Because of this, the kingdom split into two: the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah.

King Solomon did not lead God’s people as God desired. God’s people needed a better king! Through David’s family, God would send His own Son, Jesus Christ, to be a perfect King over God’s people forever.

This week, you can help your child understand that Jesus is our perfect King. When we love Him, follow Him, and do what He says, we will give glory to God and participate with Him in his plan to reconcile all things to Himself. As you talk, remind your child that:

  • God knows everything.
  • David’s family were kings of Judah.
  • Jesus was born into Solomon’s family.
  • Where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God.
  • God split Israel into two kingdoms.

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Solomon Built the Temple

King David had wanted to build a temple for God, but God had a different plan. God wanted Solomon to build a temple where God could dwell with His people and where they could worship Him. So God told Solomon to build a temple and Solomon obeyed.

Because God is holy, only the priests could approach God—and only if they followed specific instructions. Ordinary people had no direct access to the holy presence of God. Jesus changed all that! When Jesus died on the cross, he took away our sin. We can approach God when we trust Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Help your kids see how the temple shows the holiness of God and how we are separated from Him because of our sin. Remind them that the temple also points toward Jesus who came to bring us to God when we trust in Him. As a family, talk about these truths:

  • God knows everything.
  • Solomon built a temple for God.
  • Solomon told the people to love God with all their hearts.
  • We can worship God wherever we go.
  • Where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God.
  • God chose Solomon to build a temple.


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Wisdom for God’s People

Last week we learned how King Solomon asked God for wisdom and God made him wise. This week we will explore some of Solomon’s wisdom that he was guided by God to write in the Book of Proverbs. Proverbs provides God’s people with great principles for living.

Wisdom comes from God. He made the world and knows it works best when we trust and obey Him! God wants us to respect His authority and live in daily awareness of His presence and love which we know because of Jesus.

Invite your child to think about God making him or her. It was no accident that he chose your skin color, hair texture, personality, and energy level–and more! When God made us, he knew that life would go best when we trust and obey Him. True wisdom comes from God and transforms us. That is the nature of the gospel.

We invite you to talk about these truths with your kids throughout the week:

Babies and Toddlers
God knows everything.
God made Solomon very wise.
Solomon wrote that wisdom comes from loving God.
Jesus spoke with God’s wisdom because He is God’s Son.

Preschool and Elementary Kids
Where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God.
Wisdom is loving God and obeying Him

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Solomon Asked for Wisdom

This week we pick up our journey through the big story of the Bible with God inviting King Solomon, David’s son, to ask Him for whatever he wanted. Did you catch that? He could ask God for anything! Solomon could have chosen riches, or power, or waffles…but he did not. He asked God for wisdom so he could lead God’s people well. God was pleased with Solomon’s request and granted it and also blessed Solomon in other ways.

Solomon was a king who wanted to participate in God’s plan. God planned to give His people a greater and wiser king—His Son, Jesus. Jesus left his throne and came to us to die on the cross for our sin. Jesus is a good King!

This week, you can help your kids understand that true wisdom comes from God. Teach them that God wants us to know Him, love Him and trust Him. Two ways we can do that are by talking to God and reading the Bible. This can help us understand God better and live with wisdom. Use the suggestions below to begin appropriate conversations at home and review truths learned in the Antioch Kids classroom on Sunday:

Babies and Toddlers:
God knows everything.
King Solomon asked God to make him wise.
God gave Solomon wisdom to lead God’s people.
When Jesus lived on earth, He was wiser than Solomon.

Where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God.
Solomon asked God for wisdom.

Elementary Kids: 
Where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God.
Solomon asked God for wisdom to lead God’s people.

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