Trust God {Unit 7}

Happy Spring! (It’s finally starting to feel like it!) In our next unit, we will be following the Israelites to the edge of the wilderness, on the brink of entering the promised land! As they enter the promised land, Joshua—Moses’ successor—reminds the people to trust God, because He is good and faithful.

Big Picture Question: Whom can we trust? We can always trust God.

Key Passage: “Be strong and brave. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be with you everywhere you go.” (Joshua 1:9, NIrV)


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Joshua and Caleb • Numbers 13:1–14:38 | The Israelites did not trust that God would give them the promised land.

Joshua was not perfect, but he trusted God. We, also, are not perfect, but God wants us to trust Him—believing that Jesus loves us and that His way is best!


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The Bronze Snake • Numbers 20:1-20; 21:4-9 | God told His people to look at the bronze snake to be healed.

The Israelites had a huge problem: they had become big complainers! They had forgotten to trust God. Because of their sin, snakes came to Israel, but anyone who was bitten could look at the snake on the pole and live. Because of our sin, we have a huge problem: our actions cause us to move away from God. Anyone who looks to Jesus and trusts in him will be forgiven and live with God as He intended.


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The Promised Land and Jericho • Joshua 2; 4–6 | God defended His people and led them into the promised land.

God led the Israelites to the promised land, just as He promised. God will also keep His promise to everyone who believes in Him—His spirit will be with us here, then we will spend eternity with Him, too!


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Achan’s Sin and the Defeat of Ai • Joshua 7-8 | Achan experienced the consequence of his sin. Then God defended His people at Ai.

God created a good world, but the choice to not trust God causes ruin to His creation. Achan didn’t trust or obey God, and that was the cause of his ruin. We, also, cause harm to ourselves when we choose to not trust God. When we repent and trust Jesus, we are forgiven!


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Joshua’s Final Encouragement • Joshua 23:1-24:28 | Joshua encouraged the people to worship God alone.

As Joshua grew old, he left a legacy of obedience to God. God longs for us to obey Him, too. Jesus teaches us to obey by following His instructions found in the Bible!


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