Uniquely Wired. Wonderfully Made.

Every kid is uniquely wired for one reason. They are wonderfully made in the image of God! We want to help kids discover how the Creator of all things created us all to know and love Him. Summer Swamp is a four-day experience geared to capture a kids’ imagination about their Creator so they can discover how they are made by God, made for a relationship with Jesus, and made to love others!  

What will the week look like? We are glad you asked! 

DAY 1 Bottom line:  God made you. Bible Story: Amazingly and Wonderfully Made! Key Passage: Psalm 139:13-16  

DAY 2 Bottom line: God made you to trust Him. Bible Story: Jesus Heals the Blind Man. Key Passage: John 9 

DAY 3 Bottom line: God made you to follow Jesus. Bible Story: Jesus Teaches Nicodemus. Key Passage: John 3:1-21 

DAY 4 Bottom line: God made you to shine! Bible Story: Salt and Light. Key Passage: Matthew 5:13-16

Summer Swamp will be held at Ensworth Elementary School. It is a 4-day event beginning on Monday, July 10th through Thursday, July 13th from 9:30am-12:00pm. The cost is $25 per child (max $50 per family). To register, please click here.

We also want to help parents and the church synchronize their efforts to fuel wonder, discovery, and passion in our kids. There are three things available to you to help continue the conversation at Summer Swamp at home. First, once your child is registered, you will be sent a link allowing you to download the songs kids will be singing all week long! Then, as Summer Swamp nears, follow along with what your child is learning by watching a (short!) daily video available on our blog, We will also have God Time cards available for you! These suggest fun activities and interesting conversations for your family about topics relating to Summer Swamp!

This summer, we invite your child to discover how the Creator of all things created us to know and love Him!

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