New Prayer for a New Year

Happy New Year! During this time of New Year’s Resolutions, many are beginning gym memberships and reading plans, or setting new budgets for money and time. Maybe this year you’re thinking about a new approach to prayer. Maybe you’re thinking about new approaches to your kiddos.

We found this nifty tool to help you form your own new approach to praying for your kids. This guide to praying for children from Elisa Pulliam’s blog, More To Be, invites you to:

  • Create a routine and timeline for prayer that works for you—including establishing accountability and celebration as you achieve your goal.
  • Answer specific questions about your child as an individual, so you can discern how to prayer uniquely for him or her.
  • Pray in response to Scripture, and also pray the very words of Scripture, for you and your kids—acknowledging God’s promises with both raw authenticity and hope.

This four-page guide is targeted toward moms, but can certainly be used by fathers as well. It even includes a little cutout of prayer prompts—specific ideas of ways to pray for your kids. This is conveniently in the shape of a bookmark, so you can be reminded to pray for your kids whenever you open whatever book you are currently exploring.

We’re excited to begin this new year with you, and look forward to the ways prayer will change us and our children as we move toward the Father in humility and trust. Happy 2017!

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 9.04.40 AM.png


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