Christmas Is Coming!



Hi there!

Christmas is just around the corner! We wanted to give you some last-minute ideas for ways to keep Jesus at the center during the next couple of days. These are just a few idea-starters from the We Are That Family blog and MinistryLift.

  • Hide the baby Jesus from a Nativity set and search for him on Christmas morning, or wrap him as a gift and open it as the very first Christmas gift!
  • Play Christmas Bingo! See this template provided by Focus on the Family.
  • Read the book, The Jesse Tree, and/or create one of your own!
  • Celebrate Jesus’ birthday! You can have a party, with a cake and party hats, and think of ways to give gifts to Jesus—like blessing someone else in need, or dedicating a few hours each week for a special time of worship.
  • Talk about the spiritual significance of some traditional Christmas symbols–such as candles and Christmas lights, which represent Christ as the light of the world (John 8:12).

We hope to see you on Christmas Eve at Bend High! We pray that you experience God’s love and joy fully this Christmas.



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