My Child Wants to Get Baptized!


We love it when kids start asking about baptism! We also know kids can ask tough questions. Below you will find a guide  to help you answer the questions a child might ask about baptism!

When a person chooses to follow Jesus, Jesus invites him or her to be baptized. But what is baptism?

  • When you get baptized, think of it as the day you tell your family, friends, and strangers that you are on the greatest adventure of your life—following Jesus! When you get baptized, it shows people why you have chosen to follow Jesus. In fact, you are reenacting the story! Jesus came to us, died on the cross (you stand in the water), was buried (you go under the water), and came back to life (you stand again)!
  • It’s your chance to give Jesus the credit. You know Jesus was beyond generous in taking the punishment for your sin. You can hardly believe it—it’s such a good thing that Jesus has done for you!
  • You want to tell everyone! You want everyone to know this good news—that God loves us and wants us to follow Him. Getting baptized in a public place allows you to tell everyone around that you intend to follow Jesus with all of your energy, money, and passion—and invites them to do so, too!
  • You need to identify yourself. Getting baptized allows other people to identify you as a follower of Jesus. You want to make sure people know what team you are on and that the leader you are following is Jesus!
  • You want to find your people. There are many other people who have chosen to follow Jesus, also. Knowing each other allows you to encourage one another, serve each other, and work together as you all follow Jesus. Getting baptized tells other people you are a follower of Christ, too!
  • You want to receive God’s power. Getting baptized is an opportunity for you to receive power from the Holy Spirit for this great adventure to which He has called you and which you have chosen.
  • You want to celebrate! Jesus has given you a new life with a new purpose! This is the best news ever! Baptism is a celebration of God’s work in your life as you eagerly await being with God in His kingdom where everything is good again!

What now? 

At Antioch, it is significant to us to baptize individuals who want to make this public profession of faith. We encourage you, the parent, to enter into intentional dialogue with your child and also provide strategic experiences designed to help your child follow Jesus. Below are some creative ways to encourage a child’s faith before getting baptized:

  1. Learn From Others—Encourage your child to interview a few people who are influential in his or her faith (grandparents, family friends, etc.). Ask to hear about the time they got baptized—make sure to ask why they chose to be baptized! Conclude the conversation by asking about favorite Bible verses then memorize these verses before getting baptized.
  2. Experience Journal—Encourage your child to journal his or her thoughts prior to getting baptized using the following prompts:
    1. I believe God loves me—I know He does because…
    2. I want to get baptized because…
    3. Jesus, following you changes everything. How can I use my time/energy/talents/money to show your love to others?

To find out about the next baptism at Antioch, email us by clicking here!



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