Get Involved in Antioch Kids!

We love working together to teach kids about our great God and would love to invite you to join in the fun! Below is a list of 12 areas at Antioch that may or may not be a good fit for your personality. Our hope is that one calls out to you and you are excited to serve your friends and family at Antioch.

The Computer Specialist: Do you speak “computer”? Does the phrase “plug-in” mean more than what you do with a lamp cord? Join the IT Team and help ensure the flawless function of our Sunday morning technology and assist new families checking into Antioch Kids for the first time.

The Animated Storyteller: If bringing stories to life with passion and enthusiasm is your thing, we’d love to give you the chance to teach our kids stories from the Bible! We’ll let you choose between teaching the younger kids or the older kids!

The Gumshoe: If you naturally keep an eye out for suspicious activity, join the Security Team and help keep Antioch a safe place for kids and adults alike.

Sports Fanatic: Put your athletic skills to good use in the gym and on the field by inviting kids to build friendships through friendly competition and games!

Baby Wooer: If you are a big fan of little kids, we invite you to serve in one of the younger classrooms on Sunday morning in Antioch Kids! You can sculpt with play-doh, read books, eat snacks–-and all with purpose! We provide everything you need for a fun and meaningful morning.

Cool Comrade: Kids love to hang out with people who are interested in them and who are older than them. Come befriend a group of elementary-aged kids on Sunday mornings! Build with legos, paint or sculpt in the art area, and help kids understand the Bible lesson using the prepared curriculum waiting for you when you arrive!

Last Minute Hero: Are you the type of person who thrives on last minute spontaneity? If so, we have a spot for you on the “On-Call” team! If a fluke bug or family emergency strikes and a scheduled volunteer is no longer available, we will email you to see if you are available to fill in. If you are, sweet! If not, no worries–we completely understand!

Antioch Cross Fit: If you think nothing beats a good workout, join The Setup Crew! This group transforms a portion of Bend High into a kid friendly space, and also sets up the auditorium equipment each week. Bonus: enjoy a delicious breakfast with the team once the challenge has been completed!

Vid Master: Are you more comfortable viewing the world through a camera lens? Does the thought of capturing life on video excite you? A camera crew of two is needed each Sunday and we’d love for you to join! Lights, camera, action!

Caffeine Rockstar: Do you enjoy a really good cup o’ joe? We invite you to brew a few gallons of some of the most delicious coffee in Bend (thanks, Backporch Coffee!) to share with a couple hundred of your closest Antioch friends. Please note, drinking too much coffee can cause a “latte” problems. Ba-dum-tshh.

Chivalry isn’t dead!: Do you enjoy holding open the door and greeting people as they arrive? What about rolling out the red carpet for a guest? If you get giddy at the thought of either of these, we invite you to join the Welcome Team and keep chivalry alive and well!

Meet & Greet Extraordinaire!: Calling all extroverts! Do you love meeting new people? Hearing their stories? Helping people feel welcomed and included in a new space? We invite you to join the Connection Team and extend your love of hospitality to our community.


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