God Time Cards :: August

During the month of August our elementary students are learning all about Obedience. Obedience is trusting those who lead you by doing what you’re asked to do. We would like to equip you as parents to begin a conversation about obedience at home this month. To help do this, we want to provide you with this great resource called God Time Cards. These are short devotions are designed for elementary kids. They are fun, engaging – and we hope you love them!

Below you will find 4 God Time Cards to help you and your family continue learning about obedience this August. Simply click below to get started! Enjoy!

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What is My Elementary Child Learning in August?

When you hear the word, obedience, what comes to mind?

Perhaps the last time you got a speeding ticket.
Or what you wish your kids would learn.
Maybe you think about that old hymn many of us sang growing up in church.

“Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.”

(And for those of you now singing that song for the rest of the day, sorry about that.)

The phrase “Trust and Obey” may come off trite and cliché, but the point of the phrase is nonetheless true. Trust and obedience go together. That’s why we define obedience like this:

Obedience is trusting those who lead you by doing what you’re asked to do.

Our obedience demonstrates that we trust people who are in charge, as well as, shows God we trust His plan for our lives. But we don’t always get it right, do we? And our disobedience breaks our relationship with God.

All throughout Scripture, we see how God responds to that disobedience. While there were consequences, God continued to love the world and made a way to restore our broken relationship. With that in mind, this August, we’ll walk kids through God’s One Big Story of God’s plan to rescue us by sending Jesus, His only Son, to make it possible for us to have a relationship with God again.

Obedience, we can’t get around it. Obedience is something everyone has to work on whether we’re 9, thirty-nine, or seventy-nine. We can’t wait to see what God will do in each of our lives as we discover more about what the Bible says about following and obeying God and those He’s put in authority over us.

We kick off the month at the beginning of the Bible with Adam and Eve in the Magnificent Paradise God created for them to enjoy. Yet, as we discover in Genesis 3:1-24, Adam and Eve decided that they would rather make up their own rules than follow the ones God made for them. Rather than trusting God’s plan, they trusted their own. The consequences they faced changed history.

Bottom Line: I should trust and obey even when I think my way is better. Whether we’re a child or an adult, we will face times when we think our way is better than the one set out for us. We want everyone to learn that when we trust and obey, the consequence can have lasting impact beyond ourselves.

After Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, the world was broken. This broken world continued to spiral until God had enough. In Genesis 6–8, we read the account of Noah and how he trusted and obeyed God while the rest of the world opposed God. We’ll discover how God used Noah and his family to start over.

Bottom Line: I should trust and obey even when others don’t. This simple bottom line is difficult to put into practice. God calls us to be different from the world. We will stand out to our leaders when we trust and obey when others aren’t. We might never know how God will use our obedience to point others towards Him.

For week three, we continue our journey through God’s One Big Story with Abram. As we track along with His story throughout passages in Genesis 12, 13, and 15, we’ll see how Abram dropped everything to follow God. God gave Abram a clear promise to establish a great nation from Abram’s family, but God didn’t offer a clear picture of the journey it would take for that to happen. Abram obeyed God in spite of the unknowns.

Bottom Line: I should trust and obey even if I don’t know how it will all work out. Often the big moments of obedience, like the one that happened to Abram, happen to parents or leaders and are out of kids’ control. However, we pray that kids will learn they can trust and obey with how they respond and the attitude they demonstrate throughout the situation.

In the final week of August, we’ll discover that God’s promises to Abraham are starting to come true. Abraham’s wife, Sarah, gives birth to a son. They name him Isaac. But then in Genesis 18, 21, 22, we discover that God asks Abraham to sacrifice his only son. Abraham trusted what he knew about God and obeyed believing that God would make a way of escape for Isaac. Eventually, Abraham’s family becomes a great nation and another Son would arrive on the planet. Jesus would become the ultimate way of escape for the whole world.

Bottom Line: I should trust and obey because there’s a bigger plan. Like Abraham, God might be asking us to do something that we don’t quite understand. But as we read through the Bible, we read about how God has been faithful throughout history. We can trust what we know about God to trust and obey right now.


Creation Exploration

Hi Church Family!

We are halfway through the summer and nearing the end of our preschool creation unit on Sunday mornings in Antioch Kids! Our bottom line for preschoolers is: God made everything! We love teaching this important truth to kids because it also teaches us about:

  • God’s power. We can’t create something out of nothing—but God can! And He made everything!
  • God’s creativity. Just look at how beautiful and amazing everything is! God is the ultimate artist—He came up with so many wonderful and unique plants and animals and land formations and human beings.
  • God’s wisdom. God knew how everything would work best. He had a plan for everything in creation to fit together for good, so that living things would thrive and humans in particular would enjoy the best lives possible—which, most importantly, means that they got to be friends with God!
  • God’s love. He knows each creature so well, because He made them, and because He knows them so well, He also loves them with a love more powerful than anything else!
  • The goodness of creation. Each day, when God finished creating something new, He said it was good! Everything God made was and is good. Even when Adam and Eve chose to not trust God and sin was first experienced in the world, God still valued His creatures—so much that He chose to leave heaven and come here to Earth. But he didn’t stop there. He was even willing to die so that people could know Him, trust Him, and spend forever with Him.
  • The image of God. We are made in the image of God! In fact, God shared His likeness with every single person, meaning that people are designed to show a portion of God to the world. For example, some people are naturally very creative, and that reflects our God who is creative! Some people are more relational—this characteristic can remind others that God loves us and is a relational God. Some people are very wise, reflecting the wisdom of God. We are made in God’s image and this is our greatest source of value!
  • The goodness of rest. God rested on the 7th day, and that reminds us that we need to rest too! It’s important to take time to remember Who made us and provides for us. Taking Sabbath rest is a practice of trusting God, taking time to refocus our lives on the most important Person, who is truly everything we need.

Below are some ideas for ways to integrate these truths about our loving Creator into fun activities!

Eat: Make fun snacks that reinforce the ideas of the things God created on each day! One fun idea is Creation Trail Mix:

  • Mini Oreos – dark and light
  • Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal – cloudy sky and dusty land
  • Pretzel Sticks and Green and Red M&Ms – trees, bushes, and flowers
  • Orange and Yellow M&Ms – sun, stars, moon, and planets
  • Goldfish Crackers – sea creatures
  • Animal Crackers – animals
  • Marshmallows – pillows (God rested!)

snack copy.pdf

Another great idea is to put each ingredient in baggies and make the snack into a scavenger hunt! Our Out-of-Sync Life provides some fun rhyming clues to find each ingredient. “Creation Story Snacktime” from Ministry Matters provides a super fun interactive snack experience for each day of Creation. One of these ideas is to create a landscape out of foods such as broccoli, celery, apple slices, peanut butter, and/or salad dressing!

Go Out: Go experience some of God’s amazing creation! Take a walk in the park, hike up a mountain, swim in a lake, go to the zoo, a farm, or a museum.

Books: Below are a few books we like that teach core truths related to creation:

  • Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones | The first chapter in this book tells an exciting account of how God created everything in the beginning!
  • A Love Letter From God – P. K. Hallinan | This book describes the amazing love of God for people.
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful – Cecil Frances Alexander | This book beautifully illustrates the hymn about God’s wonderful, unique creation.
  • God Gave Us Sleep – Lisa Tawn Bergren | A little polar bear learns that God made us to need sleep, and life works better when we take time to rest.

Crafts & Sensory Experiences: The Kids Activities Blog provides a bunch of ideas for art projects as simple as coloring sheets to more complex crafts. One craft provides a visual of what it might have looked like when God first created light. They suggest painting the inside of a shoebox black, cutting two holes in it, having your child peek into one of the holes, then shining a flashlight through the other hole. Another idea is to create a “Sky Sensory Bin” using supplies such as shaving cream, glitter, blue decorative stones, mirror tiles, and toy helicopters and airplanes.


A Rocha is an organization centered on the proper care of God’s creation; their Creation Care Camp Curriculum is available free of charge. This program offers exploration activities, memory verses, songs, art projects, and games, all tied together with Bible lessons that demonstrate how God’s Word informs the way we care for His world. A Rocha’s Creation Care Camp teaches kids that God made everything, God is King of everything, and we have an important part in God’s work restoring creation to Himself!

Full Color

We hope you enjoy trying these fun activities that remind kids that God made them and loves them SO much!


What is My Preschooler Learning in July?

Whew! It’s July and we are excited to continue teaching preschoolers the story of how God created everything. Our bottom line is “God made everything,” and our memory verse verse is “You made the world and everything in it” (Psalm 89:11, NCV). We have been telling the creation story using the Jesus Storybook Bible—we love its pictures and the way it points everything back to Jesus! Preschoolers are learning that:


  1. Jesus was there at the beginning of time, helping to create all things.
  2. God created things because He wanted to show and share His love.
  3. Everything God made is good.

The next five weeks will take us through the following:


  • Creation, Day 5 • Genesis 1:20-23 | God creates fish and birds.
  • Creation, Day 6 (Part 1)  • Genesis 1:24-25 | God creates the rest of the animals.
  • Creation, Day 6 (Part 2) • Genesis 1:26-27 | God creates people—in His own image! We were made like Him, to have friends, create new things, and nurture other living things.
  • Creation, Day 7 • Genesis 1:31 – 2:3 | God’s work was finished, and it was all good! So God rested.
  • Creation Celebration • Genesis 1:1 – 2:3 | A review of the creation story.

Click below for a link to the July Parent Cue. We hope you find these ideas helpful as you help your kiddos know the God who made them and loves them!

Preschool Parent Cue – July


Click below for a video of the hand motions for our Summer Memory Verse!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 8.50.20 AM