“Play Through the Bible”

Hi Church family!

Summer is approaching! However, the cold and rain still visit us on some days, making the playground a less desirable destination for you and your children. When outdoor play isn’t an option, we have a solution! Blogger Liz came up with some creative ideas to “Play Through the Bible” in 25 weeks with her toddler. While her plan is geared toward toddlers, it can be expanded upon for older preschoolers.

You can click this link to view Liz’s full introduction of her “Play Through the Bible” program. I have provided a brief summary below.


The idea is to provide a simple (short and repetitive), basic, and engaging way of teaching the messages of Scripture. For each week, Liz presents the following:

  • Bible Story: One story in the Bible with a big idea! Examples include: Creation, Adam & Eve, Joseph, and Holy Week.
  • Focus Point: A main message to repeat. Ex. “God created everything.”
  • Story Time Tips: Ideas of how to make the story more engaging. Ex. While learning about creation, switch the lights on and off, point outside to the sky, and make animal noises.
  • Activity: A game or activity that reinforces the story. Ex. Go for a walk or read a book, point to things, and ask “Who made this?”
  • Discussion: An ongoing conversation to have with your child. Ex. Ask your child, “Who made you?” and teach them the answer: “God!”
  • 5 Crafts: One easy craft for each day of the week. Ex. Yellow strips on a piece of black paper, showing how the first lights may have been placed in the dark sky.

You can follow her schedule (five days a week for 25 weeks) or go through her program at your own pace—say, choosing one project whenever a rainy day approaches. Liz recommends using The Rhyme Bible Storybook and The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers as you read each week’s story. We suggest using the Jesus Storybook Bible as an additional resource—you could even read the same Bible story from a different Bible each day for one week!

Click this link for the complete list of stories and activities.

We hope this is a fun and meaningful way to explore God’s story with your preschoolers! We would love to hear your stories of aha-moments, laughter, and successes as you engage in this goal—please feel free to comment below or email us 🙂



Antioch Kids | Preschool Coordinator


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