The Church Is Not a Building

This month our preschoolers, elementary school students, and adults are all learning about the early church! Below are some resources to help you explore the first church and the mission of the entire Church with your kiddos.

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  • What Is the Church? The videos below explain that the Church is not a building, but the group of people who love God and follow Him, across all times and locations. They also talk about the very first church and the mission of the whole Church: to worship and learn about God together, meet others’ needs, and lead others to follow Jesus, too. Click on your kiddos’ age group to find an age-appropriate video!
  • What Does the Church Do?
    • Love and Follow God Together. Read these passages from Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-37 to hear about how the early church served God. Invite them to color in this activity page as you mention each activity the members of the church did together.
    • Worship Together. Teach your kids about worship. Worship is a way of life, a path of choosing to seek God, find joy in Him, and give Him praise. We can worship God during special times of singing, making music with instruments, dancing, writing poems, or creating art. But we can also worship God when we do our best in sports, school, or just as we interact with our friends! Talk about other ways you can worship and/or try having a special time to worship God together with music, dance, poetry, or art.
    • Eat Together. Have a picnic and talk about how eating together is one way the early church—and the Church today—show love to God and each other. By eating together, they get a chance to thank God together and meet each other’s needs, and have good, encouraging conversations together over a meal!
    • Follow the Holy Spirit. Here’s one application activity to teach your kids about the Holy Spirit’s presence in each member of the Church. For this activity, you’ll need masking tape and tissue paper. Have your kids make bracelets out of the tape, with the sticky side facing away from their skin. Encourage them to catch pieces of tissue paper on their sticky bracelets as you toss them in the air. Explain that after Jesus rose into heaven, He left the Holy Spirit as a helper for us. Just like the tissue paper stuck to their wrists, the Holy Spirit sticks with us wherever we go and guides us. We invite you to tell your kids about a time you felt the Holy Spirit leading you.
    • Show Love to People. Go on a walk and try to show love to the people you encounter by greeting them. You could even make a kind card or bake cookies to share with neighbors, your mailman, or a crossing guard!
    • Meet the Needs of Others. Ask your kids if they think they might have any extra toys or clothes or even food. Together, choose a group that helps people in need and donate your extra things to them. You can even choose to visit or volunteer with an organization! (Click here for a list of nonprofit organizations in Central Oregon.)
  • Who Was Part of the Early Church?
    • Peter and John. Read this story from Acts 3:1-10. Kids can color in this supplemental activity page while you tell the story. Talk about how Peter and John used what they did have (not coins, but the power of Jesus) to show care for the lame man.
    • Philip. Check out this story from Acts 8:26-39. Philip obeyed when an angel told him to run after a chariot, and he ended up sharing the message of Jesus with an Ethiopian official, who decided to follow Jesus right then! Here is a video that shows what that might have looked like!
    • Paul. Use this activity page along with heart stickers to tell Paul’s story from Acts 9:1-22. Have kids color the picture of Paul and stick heart stickers all over his tiny heart to show how God changed his heart and made it grow, so that He would love and follow Jesus.




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