Why Serve in Kids Ministry?

We know you have a lot going on. If you are like me, there is never enough time to do all the things you want to do. It is tempting to cut back in areas that do not add money to the bank or help us climb the proverbial ladder. Often, that means volunteering–specifically in kids ministry. Come to think of it, why should someone serve in kids ministry? I suggest that kids ministry is worth our time because we get to teach kids about God’s great love for them. This is called disciple-making! It is intentional evangelism and discipleship.

It is incredible that on every Sunday, a couple hundred kids from the community get up, get dressed, and come to learn more about God! How cool is that? The tension is that disciple-making isn’t quick. It is not likely that a bunch of kids will decide to change their life and trust Jesus at the end of the lesson each week. Instead, kids ministry is a slow process of encouraging kids to trust Jesus every single week. It doesn’t always feel like anything is happening, but slowly and over time, God is shaping and forming the youngest people at church and he invites us to join!

At Antioch, we try to make kids ministry a place where kids want to come and a ministry where adults want to serve. Below you will see a list of the many different types of strengths and personalities we need to help keep the “circus” running! If you are interested in joining in and teaching kids at Antioch about our great God, let us know by clicking here! Without further ado, the list:

  • The Computer Specialist: Do you speak “computer” (after all, it is a foreign language to the rest of us)? Does the phrase “plug-in” mean more than what you do with a lamp cord? Join the IT Team which helps the technology function flawlessly on Sunday mornings.
  • The Input Wizard: If information is provided, can you input it quickly? If yes, join the Manned Check-In Team and help new families get checked into Antioch Kids.
  • The Animated Storyteller: If bringing stories to life is your thing, we’d love to give you the chance to use your passion and enthusiasm to teach true bible stories! Bonus: You can choose between teaching the younger kids or the older kids!
  • The Gumshoe: If you naturally have an eye out for suspicious activity, join the Security Team and help keep Antioch a safe place for kids and adults alike.
  • Music Jammer: If you love to play an instrument or you like to sing, we have a stage that is calling your name!! Join the music team and teach kids how to sing to their creator.
  • Sports Fanatic: Put your skills to good use in the gym and on the field by inviting kids to build friendships at church through sports!
  • Baby Wooer: If you are a big fan of little kids, come get your fix by serving in one of the younger classrooms on Sunday morning! You can sculpt with play-doh, read books, eat snacks–and all with purpose! We provide everything you need for a fun and meaningful morning.
  • Cool Comrade: Kids love to hang out with people who are interested in them and who are older than them. Come befriend a group of elementary-aged kids on Sunday mornings and implement the fun curriculum we create!
  • Master Jigsawyer: If puzzles are your thing, we’ve got a challenge for you! Help coordinate a class schedule by communicating with volunteers to find out when they are available to serve each month–then create a schedule. Getting it to work often feels like a puzzle!
  • Last Minute Hero: If you never really know your schedule until the day before, you belong on the “In A Pinch” list! If a fluke bug or family emergency strikes and a scheduled volunteer is no longer available, we email you to see if you are available to fill in. If you are, sweet! If not, no worries–we completely understand!
  • Antioch Cross Fit: If you think nothing beats a good workout, join The Crew! This group transforms the Bend High hallway into a kid friendly space each week. Bonus: enjoy a delicious breakfast with the team once the work is done!

At Antioch, we believe we are made to serve. When we live into that discipline, we begin to experience God in a new way. We invite you to consider serving in Antioch Kids. This is a once-a-month commitment that lasts for 6 months. At that point, you can commit again or exit without guilt 🙂 We’d consider it an honor to help you find a place to serve at Antioch. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have!



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