Teaching Your Kids to Pray

Do you want to teach your kids how to pray? Dietrich Bonhoeffer suggests that just as a child learns how to speak by listening to his mother or father speak, so we learn to pray by listening to Jesus talk to the Father. By repeating the prayers of Jesus, we learn to pray!

There is an entire book of the bible which is filled with prayers. This book is the Psalms. As a family, explore the Psalms and begin to imagine them  as the words of Jesus– which will teach us how to pray to God! (If this is confusing, click here to listen to the Antioch series: “Praying with Jesus”.)

As a family, consider memorizing The Lord’s Prayer, which Jesus uses to teach his disciples how to pray. To make it a little easier, use  these resources:

Our hope is that we will recognize the wonderful way in which Jesus teaches us how to pray!



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