What is my Preschooler Learning in March?

March is here and Easter is just around the corner! This is one of the most profound and sacred times of the year, when we remember the great, costly gift God gave so that we could be with Him. We are teaching the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection in the context of this bottom line: I can follow Jesus. Our memory verse is “‘Come, and follow me,’ Jesus said” (Matthew 4:19, NIV). Our preschoolers will hear the following stories on Sunday mornings this month.

  • Jesus Teaches • Luke 2:41-50; Matthew 5, 22:34-39 | God sent Jesus to teach us to love God and love people. When Jesus was young, He spent time talking to the teachers in the temple about God. When He grew up, Jesus taught many people about God. He is the best teacher ever!
  • Follow Me • Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 5:1-11 | God sent Jesus to do an important job. One day Jesus asked some fishermen to follow Him and learn how to teach people about God. They were surprised—their job was to catch fish, not teach people! But they obeyed Jesus, and left their fishing nets, because they knew they could trust Him.
  • Palm Sunday • Matthew 21:1-16 | God sent Jesus to do something special. Jesus came into Jerusalem, and the people there welcomed him by laying their coats on the road and waving palm branches. They knew He was the new King, the Savior, who could teach them about God and rescue them.
  • Easter • Matthew 26:20-30, 27:1-2, 28:1-2 | God sent Jesus to be my friend forever. Jesus was the true King, and some people didn’t like that, so they killed him. But God brought Jesus back to life! Jesus died and rose again, so that if we follow Him, we can be friends with God forever!

We can’t wait to teach kids about our wise and loving God who came into our world because He wanted us to spend eternity with Him! This is such an important truth, and we hope kids will be able to retell this amazing story themselves. Here is a great video of part of the Easter story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. We also invite you to check out this blog post to view more ideas of how to prepare for and celebrate Easter with your kiddos.

Praise God for His great love in sending His Son Jesus! We are so excited to celebrate Easter with you, church family. He is risen indeed!



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