Easter with Kids!

We are so excited to explore the Easter message with kids at Antioch! We also want to equip you to continue the conversation about God’s great love with your kids at home. We know it can feel overwhelming to explain Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection to a child, so we have done little digging and found some great ideas you can use or adjust based on the developmental level of your child and their level of understanding.

1. Go on a Scavenger Hunt: Read the Easter story as a family, then go on a scavenger hunt to find items from the story. Items might include a leaf (when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday), a coin (Judas betraying Jesus), something pokey (the crown of thorns), two sticks (the cross), an old nail (nails used on cross), a rock (the tomb). Find the items in the story then talk about the importance of each item! Major kudos if you find an empty cave.

2. Read the Bible Together: Read a story each day the week before Easter. You can utilize this reading plan and The Jesus Storybook Bible to help younger kids understand the the Easter story. If your kids are older, use this 7 Day Reading Plan which can also be explored on the Life Of Jesus Bible app (free!) or listen to the story together using this free audio Bible app— we love the New International Reader’s Version for kids!

3. Explore the Easter Story with your Senses: Explore the resurrection as a family using your senses with twelve ideas suggested in this e-book, A Sense of the Resurrection. You can enter into the story in a new way using your senses as you taste bread, smell vingear and get a “sense” of what Jesus experienced.

4. Think about Easter Globally: Read The Story of Easter together as a family and learn together how and why people all over the world celebrate Easter!

We hope this helps you enter the Easter season as a family!


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