Jesus Loves Everyone!

Hi there!

This month on Sunday mornings in Antioch Kids, our preschoolers have been learning that Jesus loves everyone! No matter what you wear, what you look like, how many friends you have, or even what you have done, God loves you. What an important message!

This is a great time to teach your kiddos about the beautiful uniqueness of each person God loves. Below are a few resources your family can use to learn more about different people all over the world!

  • Read books celebrating diversity. These books identify differences between people of different cultures and show how we can view those differences with respect and acceptance, building genuine friendships with people who are different from us. For more book ideas check out these posts from blogs All Done Monkey and She Knows.
  • Read about real kids in real places. The Justice Kids website contains short biographies of kids, listed by continent. Visit the Kid Bio’s page to learn about these kids’ families, languages, meals, games, and more!
  • Have fun with some Justice Kids activities that cultivate a missional, other-centered mindset. Teach humility by inviting kids to try to make snow using ice and marshmallows. Play “feelings charades” to help kids learn how to identify certain feelings in others, fostering kindness. These activities can be found on the Justice Kids activities page, listed by the virtues they promote: charity, diligence, honesty, humility, justice, kindness, and patience.

We can’t wait to hear about how kids respond when they see how different God’s beloved people are—and how big His love is!

kids playground



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