Our Prayers for 2016

It’s a new year! The elders at Antioch asked the Antioch Kids staff about our prayers for 2016. We have included our response below and invite you to pray along with us!

In 2016 we pray that:

  • we will develop relationships with the Bend High teachers whose classrooms we use, and learn of ways to know them and serve them instead of merely appease them.
  • we will creatively maximize the Bend High space to create an environment that is safe and fun for kids.
  • adults serving in Antioch Kids will develop relationships with kids and families allowing for discipleship and encouragement.
  • we will remove the guilt-culture of volunteering and reframe kids ministry as an awesome opportunity to pass on the Christian faith.
  • we will show our appreciation to all who serve at Antioch by inviting them to not only a once-a-month commitment, but also into a meaningful relationship with a church family.
  • we will see kids choose to trust Jesus and grow in their understanding of his love.
  • we will invite parents into a grace-based parenting model.
  • we will better equip parents to continue teaching their kids about God throughout the week.
  • parents will develop family patterns that encourage regular church attendance and involvement.
  • Antioch Kids staff will attend the adult service twice a month.
  • Antioch Kids classrooms will be properly staffed every Sunday.
  • we will, with great hope, await the surprises God has in store for the year ahead.

We love you, church family!



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