Love All :: Advent Conspiracy

What is the point of Christmas?

Is your head spinning as you try to pin down an answer? Here it is: Christmas is a reminder of God’s huge love for his lost and broken world. 

Jesus, though he was rich, became poor to love the poor, the forgotten, the overlooked, and the sick. That is us! He left heaven and became a person so that we could know without a doubt that God has a huge love for his lost and broken world. He came to rescue us! This came at a huge cost: his life. Think about that for a moment. He chose to rescue us even though he knew it would cost him his life. He saw our need and did something about it!

Jesus tells us to do the same. He says he made us to be like him, specifically to see the needs of others and do something to help. Kids at Antioch have been given the challenge to be on the lookout for needs that they could meet.

While surrounded with ways to help, we have also presented two specific opportunities- one local and one global. Here in Bend, there is a new shelter for women and children needing help gathering basic supplies to help the house function.  Globally, we are partnering with The Sold Project, located in Thailand, to scholarship at risk kids in order to provide shelter and education. We challenged kids to bring coins and dollars that they have earned to help. We encourage your family to consider replacing one of their gifts with the opportunity to show love to all by using the money that would be spent to help another.

In the spirit of Advent Conspiracy, we challenge you to:

  • Think about God’s love for all of his creation. Look around. Everyone you see is loved by God!
  • Spend a little less on gifts and use the “saved” money to help those who need help.
  • Risk your comfort to show love to all.




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