Worship Fully :: Advent Conspiracy

CHRISTMAS. Christmas pictures. Christmas shopping. Christmas carols. Christmas parties. Christmas traditions. Christmas cookies. Christmas lights. Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. It can be crazy town!

Somewhere along the way, we have lost sight of the point of Christmas.

Christmas is, first and foremost, a time to celebrate Jesus and worship God as we remember the most amazing story of love that has ever been told! But it has been overshadowed by the billions of dollars spent on advertisements and expectations.

However, we don’t think it needs to stay that way! Christmas is a time to remember the story of God’s huge love for our world and to celebrate the birth of a king. It is a time to worship!

But what does it mean to worship? In kid words, it simply means to tell God that he is wonderful! (note: It does not mean simply singing.) Worship is anything we do to show God how important he is to us. Sometimes, when we pray, we spend the whole time asking God for things. What would it feel like to tell God the things you love about Him and thank him for who he is? No asking for stuff. Just worship. Just telling God that he is wonderful.

As a family, read Psalm 95:1-7. What does this passage tell us about why God is worth worshipping?

In the spirit of Advent Conspiracy, we challenge you to:

  • Think about Jesus. Why is he wonderful? Tell him!
  • Consider ways you can worship Jesus more fully.
  • Get excited about God’s love! What does your family do when they celebrate? Do you throw a party? Consider throwing a party on Christmas morning as a way of worshipping Jesus!




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