Give More :: Advent Conspiracy

We know what you’re thinking: “Spend less and give more? This doesn’t make any sense!”. 

Before it will make any sense, let’s think about the big story of the Bible.

God wanted his creation to know that he still loved everything he had made, even though it had become messed up. He said this over and over— by doing things (miracles) to catch the attention of people and reminding them of his love. He also sent people (called prophets) to remind the world of God’s love. But people kept missing it. No one seemed to get it! So instead of doing things and sending messages, he chose to come to us. Did you catch that? The God of the universe chose to put on flesh and come be with us. Why would he do such a thing? He wanted everyone to know that God still loved his creation!

While here, Jesus helped and cared for so many people— the sick, the sad, the ignored, the kids, the elderly, the rich, the famous, and everyone in between. He chose to spend time with others because he wanted to know them and care for them. The challenge to give more is a challenge to serve, know, and care for the people you want to wish a Merry Christmas! 

In the spirit of Advent Conspiracy, we challenge you to:

Give more of yourself by asking “what can I do” or “what does this person like to do?”, then making time to do it!

Give more by giving gifts that are needed instead of wanted.

Give more by stepping out of the pressure of consumerism and into the servant-hearted example of Jesus– using your time and energy to know and care for the people in your life!

The activity below is designed to help you and your family begin to implement this new approach to Christmas!

What you need: blank paper, scissors and a pen (or use this free printable:

What you do: Think of people you want to give a gift to— list them out! Then, go through the list and think of ways you could help them. What is something you could do to help this person smile or feel special? What could you do know this person better? Write your idea on the coupon, then wrap it up and top it with a note explaining your intent to follow through on your promise.

What you say: When it comes to spending time with those you love, it’s all about quality, not quantity. A good gift is something that helps another and makes him or her feel special and loved. The challenge is to give meaningful gives that will create great memories.

If your creativity is running dry, here are some ideas of coupons to gift: 

  • Make breakfast in bed for a friend or family member who is tired.
  • Complete a chore for someone else.
  • Babysitting for a single mom.
  • Yard work for an elderly person.



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