What is My Preschooler Learning in December?

Hi there!

December is here! This season is so exciting, because we are thinking about Christmas. When kids think about Christmas, they often think about presents, too. On Sunday mornings in Antioch Kids we will get to tell kids about the most amazing gift ever given! This gift, of course, is when God sent His own Son into the world to be with us! Here is the plan for each week in December:

  1. Jesus is Born • Luke 1:26-33, 38, 46-49; 2:1-7 | An angel came and told Mary she was going to have a baby. This baby would be God’s Son, and he would be called “Jesus.” Right before Mary was ready to have her baby, she and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem. Every inn was full, so Jesus was born in a stable.
  1. The Shepherds • Luke 2:8-20 | God chose shepherds to be the first people to hear about His Son’s birth.
  1. The Wise Men • Matthew 2:1-2, 9-11 | Some wise men knew a baby King was coming, and they followed the star that led them to him.
  1. Family Service | On December 27th our kiddos and adults will get to learn together about the story of the young boy Jesus in the temple!

Below are two videos from the Jesus Storybook Bible that present the stories from weeks one and two. The third story can be found in the print version of the book, which can be purchased here (The Wise Men | “The King of All Kings”).

During the first three weeks, we will also be introducing the remaining three pillars of Advent Conspiracy to our preschoolers.

  • Give More (Dec 6) The best gift ever was God sending His Son Jesus to be with us. We can follow His example by giving relational gifts, our time and shared experiences, rather than just stuff.
  • Worship Fully (Dec 13) The Christmas story teaches us to worship fully by choosing to celebrate our king Jesus with every breath.
  • Love All (Dec 20) Jesus came into the world in order to love people. We can love others by noticing their needs and doing something to help.

This is such a special time of year, when we celebrate the coming of our God, because He loved us so much! We can’t wait to continue talking with your kiddos about the love of our great God!

Merry Christmas!

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.27.28 PM.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.28.54 PM.png


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