Spend Less :: Advent Conspiracy

We like gifts. Kids really like gifts. God knows that! In fact, He gave us the best gift ever when He gave us Jesus. God left heaven, became a man, and came to be with us! As Christmas approaches, we challenge your family to do the same— give your presence instead of simply giving lots of presents. The activity below is designed to help begin this conversation with your family.

In the spirit of Advent Conspiracy, we challenge you to:

Spend less money on gifts by giving the gift of time. Choose to be with others. When you buy gifts, choose them purposefully. 

Spend less time worrying about decorations. They don’t need to be perfect or new. Instead, decorate together and make fun memories!

Spend more time with others by loving, sharing, serving, giving, and being with those you love.

The activity below is designed to help you and your family begin to implement this new approach to Christmas!

What you need: Yellow paper, scissors and a marker.

What you do: Cut or fold a paper star. Write “God With Us!” on it then place it in a common spot in your house.

What you say: On the night Jesus was born, a big star appeared in the sky. An angel appeared to the shepherds to let them know God had come to be with His creation (Matthew 1:22-23). God came to Earth and is still with us. This is why we celebrate Christmas! When you see the star, thank God for coming to be with us and imagine ways you can spend meaningful time with others and also.

spend less


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