A New Kind of Advent Calendar


Advent season is almost here, and with it, calendars filled with chocolates in the shapes of bells and snowmen. But, as you know, we at Antioch are conspiring to return to the original, most profound meaning of this season. We found an idea for a new kind of Advent calendar, one that celebrates the story of the very first Christmas! An Advent Art Journal contains 25 pages—blank except for a little blurb at the bottom describing the sequential events of Jesus’s arrival. The idea is that, each day of Advent, kids can read a new part of the Christmas story, and draw a picture of what they think it might have looked like. We think this is a fantastic way to immerse yourself and your kiddos in the amazing, TRUE story of Christmas!

We loved this idea so much that we decided to create one ourselves! We compiled it using text from the Jesus Storybook Bible (“He’s Here!“, “The Light of the Whole World,” & “The King of All Kings”), as well as passages from Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2 (ESV and The Message). You can use our template, edit it, make your own, or buy the template from Anika’s blog on Etsy.

If you want to use our template, all you have to do is print this PDF, cut the pages, and bind them! For binding, you can use something as simple as staples, or get creative and punch holes in the side or top of the papers, then weave a ribbon through the holes.



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