Money for the Mara’s!

Who are the Mara’s? The Mara’s used to live in Bend. They still call Antioch their church. Their two kids still love Antioch Kids (Michael and Jane’s are pictured below). Three years ago, they moved to Kijabe, Kenya to work at a hospital, to train African doctors and to provide medical care to people in need. Their goal is simple. They want to help people and tell them that God loves them.

What do they need? In order to stay in Kenya and continue working, they need $7,800 in one-time gifts or they will have to return to the states to fundraise. We want them to be able to stay!

How can we help? For the month of November, we are going to have a little competition between the girls and the boys. The two teams will compete to see who can fill the coin jar with the most coins! Then, we will donate all of the money to help the Mara’s. Start saving coins! Let’s help the Mara family!

For more information, check out the Mara’s blog!



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