What is my elementary child learning?

This past year, we’ve enjoyed taking kids through a contextual look at God’s One Big Story. We’ve traveled through the Bible covering the familiar stories of Abraham and Joseph, Moses and King David. We made it all the way to Jesus, Paul, and the start of the early church.

As the church started, no longer were these just a handful of disciples. These were growing congregations filled with people from all walks of life. And needless to say, they didn’t always get along. They disagreed and argued. They had a hard time forgiving and serving each other.

Several of the apostles began writing about how to live together as believers. These writings are not presented in the form of a story. They are letters. They are sermons. Delivered by people and for people, they are historic, but they are not really a story. But we think it’s important that kids experience those letters and sermons too. So to help illustrate these important truths, we’ve wrapped them in a summer-long story about friendship. We’re taking the summer to look at what the New Testament letters have to say about friendship.

Friendship is treating others the way you want to be treated. Each week, we’ll take a look at a “one another” principle that gives us a framework for loving others the way God loved us. Because these verses are short, we suggest that you take this summer to memorize each one.

In Week 1, we take a look at what John says about loving each other in 1 John 4:10-12. Kids will learn that because God loved us first, we should also love one another. Our Bottom Line is: Friends love each other.

In Week 2, kids learn from Peter’s teaching on hospitality found in 1 Peter 4:9. When it comes to welcoming others, we need to do so without complaining. Our Bottom Line is: Friends welcome each other.

In Week 3, kids will start talking about what they know that they could teach others. In Romans 15:14, Paul tells the church that they have what it takes to share Jesus with others. Our Bottom Line is: Friends teach each other.

In Week 4, we take a look at an important principle about patience. It’s hard to be a good friend when people can be frustrating. Paul reminds us in Ephesians 4:2 that we should put up with one another. Our Bottom Line is: Friends are patient with each other.

We pray this will be a fun start to the summer for kids to learn more about how they can show friendship to everyone.


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What is my Preschool Child Learning?

Ahoy Mateys! This month we’ll be continuing our Clubhouse Pirate adventure and learning more ways that the Bible is better than Gold! All of our Bible Treasures this month will build on last month’s (The Bible is better than gold, God made me, God loves me all the time, I am a part of God’s family, and I should look for ways to help others) and teach the following truths:

Week 1- Your preschooler will learn that they can talk to God anytime through prayer and He is always listening (Jeremiah 29:12)!

Week 2- Little ones will discover the treasure that God wants us to share our stuff with others (Acts 2:45)!

Week 3- Children will be reminded of the amazing treasure that Jesus wants to be their friend forever (John 3:16)!

Week four will be a review of all 8 Bible Treasures we discovered during our Pirate Clubhouse adventure to remind your child that the Bible is better than Gold!

We hope this month your preschooler is amazed by the gold nuggets of truth in the Bible about how God loves them, made them, will listen to them when they want to talk to Him, sent Jesus who wants to be their friend forever and many other amazing truths. We hope you and your child are reminded each week that the Bible is better than gold and the wonderful truths it teaches us tell us so many amzing things about who God is and how much He cares about us!

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