What is my elementary child learning?

Like most kids in elementary school, you probably studied inventors—those men and women who work tirelessly to bring us technology that changes our lives. From a movable type printing press which made it possible for the Bible to be published for the masses, to the Internet which now allows multiple translations of the Bible to show up in the palm of your hand. From figuring out how to harness electricity to creating a glass bulb which can light up the night. Inventors have spent countless hours on prototypes, mistakes, or even failures on their journey toward a breakthrough—that one moment when everything comes together making a theory into a reality.

Simply put: being an inventor takes a whole lot of endurance. But let’s face it—life in general takes a whole lot of endurance too.

The kids in your ministry have been in school for eight or nine months by now. They are tired of the classes, the schoolwork, and the tests. They’re ready for summer, yet they know they still have a few weeks left. Like you, we want them to finish strong. That’s one of the reasons why we’re taking the month of May to look more closely at endurance.

ENDURANCE is sticking with what you started even when it gets tough. When work gets tough, when exhaustion sets in on the soccer field, or when that science project just won’t come together, endurance is what gives us that extra something to keep us going until we finish what we began.

The believers in the early church faced all sorts of trials and suffering that could have easily made them question their faith and abandon the mission Jesus had for them. Yet, they remained strong. They endured through all of it because they had faith that everything they faced was worth it—knowing that more people would know the message of Jesus.

Our memory verse for the month is Galatians 6:9, NIrV: “Let us not become tired of doing good. At the right time we will gather a crop if we don’t give up.” When we have endurance, we can know that it will be worth it. We’ll experience the joy of finishing what we started.

In Week One’s Bible story, before Jesus ascended back into heaven, He left His disciples a huge task of telling the world about His life, death, and resurrection. It’s a big job, but He didn’t leave them without a helper. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and shared God’s story like they never had before! (Acts 1:1-10; Acts 2:1-41) Our Bottom Line is: I can stick with it because God will help me.

In Week Two’s Bible story, we find out that Paul and Silas were thrown in prison after they wouldn’t stop talking about Jesus, even when they were ordered to quit. Paul and Silas started singing, and God showed up for them in big way. (Acts 16:16-40) Our Bottom Line is: I can stick with it even when things don’t go my way.

In Week Three’s Bible story, we take a closer look at our memory verse for the month, Galatians 6:9. This is a great principle reminding us that even when things don’t go our way, if it’s something good, we will see a reward for our hard work and endurance. Our Bottom Line is: I should stick with it because it’s worth it.

In Week Four’s Bible story, we end our month with the special vision that God gives John on the Isle of Patmos. (Revelation 21:1-8, 22-27; 22:1-5) John assured us that God knows how His one big story will end. We get a tiny peek of what that will look like. And it will be amazing. Our Bottom Line is: I can stick with it because God knows the end of the story. We pray kids will find huge comfort in discovering that no matter what they face, God has it already worked out.


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What is my Preschool Child Learning?

“My God will meet all your needs,” (Phillipians 4:19, NIrV). What a powerful thought. God will meet all our needs. Notice the verse says needs and not wants. That’s hard for adults to remember, even more for preschoolers. So this month, we will talk about our basic needs and stories where God provided.

This month we will focus on helping your preschooler understand the difference between a want and a need, and then emphasize the main idea that “God will take care of me” to them all month. A key theme in the Bible is that God provides for His people, and building off of last month’s focus that “Jesus is my good friend” we will try to help your preschooler understand that as a good friend, God wants to provide for our needs! We’ll look at four Bible stories where God provides for His people this month to show your little one that God will take care of them too!

Week 1, we’ll look at Jesus’ teaching on how God feeds birds of the air and dresses the flowers in the field to show your preschooler (just like Jesus was showing the crowd He was teaching) that if God takes care of those things that He will surely take care of us! Matthew 6:25-34.

On Week 2 your preschooler will learn about how God took care of Elijah by sending ravens to him carrying food! 1 Kings 17:1-6

Week 3, we’ll continue looking at Elijah’s life and see how God used a poor widow to take care of him in 1 Kings 17:7-16

We’ll conclude the month on Week 4 by looking at how God showed Abraham an amazing plan where He was going to take care of him and give him a new home and a great, big family! Genesis 12:1-7

We hope that this month your preschool child is sure of the truth that not only does God want to be their friend, but as a good friend He will take care of them! It is our prayer that your child begins to see what needs are and that while they might not get everything they want in life, God will never abandon them and will take care of the things they truly need!