Parent Cue: March!

We want to equip parents with easy-to-understand information about what Antioch Kids is teaching kids on Sunday morning so that it is fun and purposeful to continue teaching kids about the same Biblical truths throughout the week!

Meet one of our favorite parent resource’s: The Parent Cue. This resource offers a short summary of what kids are learning on Sunday mornings and also suggests a few fun ways to continue teaching them throughout the week. Below you will find a Parent Cue for parents of preschoolers and also a Parent Cue for parents of elementary aged kids. All you need to do is keep reading!

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If you want to print out the preschool Parent Cue, use this link: Preschool, Parent Cue

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If you want to print out the preschool Parent Cue, use this link: Elementary, Parent Cue

We can’t wait to see you on Sunday morning!


What is my Elementary Child learning?

Bobbie, the Wonder Dog, was a Scotch Collie and English shepherd mix who got lost from his family on a vacation in 1923. Over six months, Bobbie independently traveled 2,800 miles from Indiana to Oregon and was reunited with his family. Bobbie’s faithfulness was recognized by several newspapers, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and the Oregon Humane Society. (Source:

Faith is believing in what you can’t see because of what you can see.Sometimes we lose sight of what God’s doing in our lives. But we can see all of the many other ways God reveals Himself. Through the things we can see, we can believe that what the Bible says about God is true.

When we recognize God at work around us, we respond to Him with trust. We have confidence He has a plan for our lives, and we are willing to take risks to see that plan accomplished. Even in our moments of doubt, God will show us something to remind us to have faith.

The monthly memory verse is: “Faith is being sure of what we hope for. It is being certain of what we do not see,” Hebrews 11:1, NIrV. We might not clearly see and understand everything about a relationship with God. We can ask questions and read our Bibles to learn more. But faith is believing that what God says is true, that we will live with Him forever, even when we can’t see every detail about how it happens.

In Week One’s Bible story, when Peter saw how Jesus performed a miracle, he believed that Jesus could be trusted and dropped everything to follow Him (Luke 5:1-11). Our Bottom Line is: When I see how God provides today, it helps me trust Him with tomorrow. The more we recognize God’s provision in the good times, the more confident we’ll be that He’ll provide in the hard times.

In Week Two’s Bible story, as long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he was able to experience something incredible. But when he lost focus on Jesus, he gave into his fears and began to sink. (Matthew 14:22-33). Our Bottom Line is: When I experience what God can do, it helps me face my fears. As we have more experiences with God, we see more of His strength and power.

In Week Three’s Bible story, John is struggling with doubt that Jesus really is the Savior. John’s disciples return and tell John about all the miracles they saw Jesus perform. (Luke 7:18-22, Supporting: Matthew 11; Mark 6:17-20; Luke 3:1-21; 6; 7:1-16). Our Bottom Line is: When I hear what Jesus has done, it helps me believe who Jesus is. It’s important to listen to the way that following Jesus has impacted people’s lives.

In Week Four’s Bible story, Nicodemus learns that Jesus is the Savior and only through Him can we live with God. (John 3:1-21, Supporting: John 7:49-51; 19:38-40). Our Bottom Line is: When I believe who Jesus is, I’ll live with God forever.We may not understand everything about Jesus, but we can ask questions to learn more. Jesus’ answers teach that any of us who believe in Him will live with God forever.


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What is My Preschool Child Learning?

A familiar preschool song is “Jesus Loves Me.” Most of your kids have sang this song (or had it sung to them) and are pretty familiar with the notion that Jesus loves them. This month’s focus, just in time for Valentine’s day and all the focus on L-O-V-E, is that Jesus Loves Everyone.

We want our preschoolers to know that simple truth. Jesus loves them and everyone around them. We will hear stories of how Jesus loved others during His time on earth. How He loved the woman at the well and the scorned woman even though no one else did. How He loves us even when we do something wrong like He loved the Zacchaeus. Our preschoolers will also hear about how everyone needs Jesus and that we should tell others about Him. Each week’s lesson will come back to one simple truth: Jesus loves everyone.

Imagine how we would all act if we remembered that Jesus loves each and every one of us. We hope our preschoolers will walk away with that truth tucked in their heart. Each week we’ll ask the question “Who Does Jesus Love?” and look at stories, play games, and do activities that show your child that the answer is “Jesus Loves Everyone!” Our Memory Verse for February is “Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12, NIV

Here’s a week by week breakdown of the Bible stories we’ll be exploring:

Week 1 we’ll look at how Jesus loved the Woman at the Well even though she had done bad things in the past and didn’t have any friends! (John 4:1-26)

Week 2 we’ll learn about Zacchaeus the tax collector, who didn’t have any friends because he stole money from everyone. Jesus loved him anyway and because Jesus loved him, he decided to love others and give their money back! (Luke 19:1-8)

Week 3 we’ll hear about the time a group of angry men brought a woman who had been caught doing something bad to Jesus and wanted him to punish her, but he chose to love her anyway! (John 8:1-11)

And Week 4 we’ll see how Jesus’ disciples spread the good news that “Jesus Loves Everyone” just like we are learning in class! (Matthew 4:18-22, 28:16-20, John 1:35-45)

We are excited to share these stories with your preschoolers this month.  We will be having lots of fun as we hope to excite wonder in your children as we share these stories. Jesus loves everyone, and we are excited to help preschoolers at Antioch discover  that this month!

We are praying that your preschooler will have moments filled with wonder both at church and at home as we spend the month talking about the love of Jesus who loves them, made them, and wants to be their friend forever.

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