Download these great resources!

We want to equip you, the parent, to continue teaching your child about what they learned at church all week long! Does this sound overwhelming? Don’t fret! We have great resources for you!

Below, you will find:

  1. “God Time”: Designed for elementary aged kids. These are fun, short, and meaning ful devotions for your kids to do with you! (Download available below titled “Elementary, week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4.)
  2. “Small Talk”: Designed for preschool aged kids. These are fun, meaningful things to do during common activities such as bath time, meal time, and car time! (Download available below titled “Preschool, page 1 and 2.)Week 4_Page_2 Week 4_Page_1 Week 3_Page_1 Week 3_Page_2 Week 2_Page_2 Week 2_Page_1 Week 1_Page_2 Week 1_Page_1 Preschool_Page_2 Preschool_Page_1

We hope you enjoy these resources as much as we do!