Do your kids like stories?

If your kids like to read, we have a great, FREE resource for you!

Each month we interview, research, gather pictures, and write a short story about a kids that lives in another part of our world! Each story is told in a kid appropriate manner which explains what life is like, gives ways to pray, and has suggestions of ways to get involved. They can be read on your computer, on a smart phone, on a tablet, or can be printed as well!

Currently, we have 25 stories, or “Kid Close-Up’s” available for you and your family to enjoy! There is a preview at the bottom of this post!

Here are the two most recent Kid Close-Ups:

  1. Meet Abubakarr!
    Meet Abubakarr, or “Abu” for short! He is a ten year boy living in Bo Town, Sierra Leone. Imagine living with his entire family in mud huts, searching for “bushmeat”, and making musical instruments out of gourds!
  2. Meet Irmak!
    Meet Irmak, a ten year old girl who lives in Izmir, Turkey. Imagine living on the 5th floor of an apartment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, having water delivered by motorcycle, and hearing the Muslim call to pray 5 times a day!

To access all of them, click here!


Irmak_Page_1 Irmak_Page_2 Irmak_Page_3


Free resources for you and your family!

On Sunday morning, we have an entire table dedicated to equip you as parents  These resources are designed to help you continue teaching your kids about who God is and what matters to Him. You probably walk past it every Sunday… I figured I should tell you about all the great things available to you!

Resources for Elementary Kids and Families: You will find short devotions for the entire month that correlate with the lessons your kids are learning on Sunday mornings. The devo’s are short, interactive, powerful, and designed to help parents and kids talk openly about God. You can also find the files, which you can download, in the first post of each month on this blog. They are free to you and they are awesome!

Resources for Preschool Kids and Families: You will find short, purposeful activities that you and your preschooler can do during meal time, bath time, play time and car time all designed to help your child remember what they learned on Sunday. You can also find the files, which you can download, in the second post of each month on this blog.They are free to you and they are awesome!

Mission Kids resources: Short activities designed to help your kids move beyond learning to doing. These are hands on activities that kids and parents can do together. Each activity is clearly explained, and a suggested dialogue is included so you can teach your kids about who God is and what matters to Him! Find more activities for your family to do together at!

Sick Kid Activities: If your child has a snotty green nose, but you still want to go to the service, grab some coloring sheets, activity pages, and crayons that we provide for you! This will keep your kids occupied (for a little while at least!) so you can catch the service! Don’t forget to get a pump of hand sanitizer while you are at it (also found on the table)!

Information about upcoming events: Fliers and information about upcoming events can be found on this table, too!

Make sure you take a close look at all the great resources we equip you with next time you drop your numbered tag in the orange basket on your way out! Enjoy!

What is my preschooler learning?

Last month, our preschoolers and two-year olds learned that Jesus is God’s Son. This month, they will learn about many of the miracles that Jesus performed while learning that they can talk to Jesus anytime and anywhere.

Preschoolers can ask for help like the Centurion did when he asked Jesus to heal his servant. How amazing is Jesus that He didn’t even have to see the servant to heal him? Or, they can tell Jesus “Thank You” like the healed leper did. And, we can talk to Jesus just to praise Him and tell Him how awesome He is!

Not only can we talk to Jesus and tell Him how much we love Him, but we can show Him as well. Just like the woman who poured perfume on Jesus’ feet. We can show Jesus we love Him today by loving others and sharing with them.

Our goal this month is that preschoolers would know that in any situation they can talk to Jesus. That they can tell Him when they need help, when they are scared, and when they are thankful. There is always time to talk to Jesus.

Below, you will find an awesome resource for you and your kids called “Small Talk”. It is packed full of ideas to help your kids remember what they learned at church, and continue learning all week long! Read it on your iPad, print it out, and pick up a copy on Sunday morning! We hope you enjoy!

Small Talk_Page_1 Small Talk_Page_2


What is my Elementary child learning?

We are excited about the month of January at Antioch Kids! All month long, your kids will be learning about DETERMINATION, which is deciding it’s worth it to finish what you’ve started.

The monthly memory verse is: Let us keep on running the race marked out for us,” Hebrew 12:1b, NIrV. When God asks us to do something, He’s often guiding us step-by-step in a certain direction that we may not even see or realize. Our determination to be the one who follows God leads us closer to the good things He has in store for us!

In Week One’s Bible story, God tells Noah to build an ark (Genesis 6:5-22). It took him years, but Noah was determined to make the wise choice and follow God no matter how long it took! Our Bottom Line is: Be the one who keeps doing what’s right. Since we trust that God is in control, we are motivated to keep doing what we know is the right thing.

In Week Two, our Bible story tells when God met Moses at the burning bush(Exodus 3:1-12). Moses gained the determination he needed to lead God’s people out of slavery because he trusted our powerful God. So when He asks us to do something, we can know He will give us the strength to see it through and be with us through the journey. Our Bottom Line is: Be the one who does what God says because He’s AWE-some.

In Week Three, our Bible story shows how Ruth is determined to stick by Naomi during the very hardest times (Book of Ruth). Ruth didn’t want Naomi to feel alone and overwhelmed with how her life turned out. Our Bottom Line is: Be the one who sticks by someone in need. Sometimes when we decide to help someone, it gets harder than we expected it would. But we should be determined to help however long and in whatever way is needed.

In Week Four, Colossians 3:23-24 helps us understand the principle of work. As we work, we can be determined to finish the job right, and with a good attitude, because we know we’re always serving God. This week our Bottom Line is: Be the one who works hard, because God sees your heart. God pays attention to all the work that we do, even the smallest things. And it really pleases Him when we do those things with a good attitude!

When you put your faith in God, He’ll give you the strength you need to keep doing what you should do—even when it’s hard and even when others give up. Because when you have the determination to finish what you’ve started, you won’t miss out on the good things God has in store for you.

Below are weekly devo’s for you and your kids to do together. Read them on an iPad, print them out, or pick them up on Sunday morning! Hope they spark some great conversations between you and your kids. Enjoy!

By Jessica McKee ©2012 The reThink Group. All rights reserved. *Used by permission.