Memory Verse Resource!

We all know that memorizing verses from the Bible is important! But sometimes it is hard to do! We are excited to introduce you to a free, online resource that will help make it easier for you and your family to memorize Scripture!  This program a great way to let your kids practice their typing and computer skills. Watch this short demo video to see if it would work for your family, then visit the website! Enjoy!


Nicaragua update!

You might remember that a group from Antioch went to Nicaragua this past Saturday! While they are down there, they will be blogging about their experience. What a great way to teach your kids about life in Nicaragua! You will see pictures and hear of ways God is working amongst the group. Click on this link to read about their adventures and pray specifically throughout the week!

While the nature of the trip is for mature audiences (see last week’s blog post “Nicaragua Here We Come” for suggestions on explaining the project to kids), we think your kids will love the pictures and some of the stories!

While you are learning about Nicaragua, we recommend reading the Kid Close-Up titled Meet Jose! Kid Close-Up’s are short stories that tell of life around the world. In this Kid Close-Up, read about Jose, a nine-year-old boy from Nicaragua. Imagine life as he knows it then pray specifically for kids in Nicaragua! Enjoy!

Nicaragua… Here we come!

This week, a group from Antioch is heading down to Nicaragua to serve with a ministry called House of Hope. While some of the ministry they will be doing is probably to intense to explain to a young child, that does not mean you can not be praying as a family! Below, you will find a simple explanation of the trip, along with a few pictures of House of Hope taken on past trips by fellow Antiocher’s! We encourage you to pray for the group as they take of on Saturday!

House of Hope is a home where women can come and get help. A lot of these women can not find enough work to feed and take care of themselves or their children. House of Hope teaches skills such as jewelry making and sewing which helps these women be able to live in a safe place and provide for the needs of themselves and their children.

There are now over 350 women and children who live at House of Hope. They hear about Jesus, learn to study the Bible, receive an education and have the opportunity to get medical help if they need it. With so many people living at House of Hope, there are lots of ways to help!

Here are three specific ways to pray for the group:

1. Pray that the group from Antioch will have the energy to help in whatever way is most helpful.

2. Pray that God would work through each person in the group.

3. Pray that the group builds strong relationships with each other and with the people who live at House of Hope.

If your kids like arts and crafts, check out some of the jewelry and crafts the ladies make at House of Hope by clicking here!

Thanks for praying for the group as they embark on this adventure!

The Mara Safari!

This past week, a wonderful Antioch family moved from Bend to begin an awesome adventure in Kijabe, Kenya! As their adventure begins, we want you to be able to read their updates and support them in prayer!

For starters, you can be praying for three specific things:

1. Helpful training: A three week training course at Missionary Training International near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

2. Safe travels: It should be quite a sight at the airport, as they try to juggle 22 suitcases, two kids, a dog, and all the changes!

3. Easy adjustments: A smooth adjustment to the new routine in beautiful Kijabe!

Click here to read and follow their blog!