World Watch List

We want to help you instill your kids desire to pray for people around the world! This free program makes it easy! Simply follow the link below to sign up with ‘World Watch List” and they will send a weekly email highlighting a featured country.

This email will include a link so you can also explore more about the country! Learn about the people, discover specific ways to pray and learn about the current events of that country. Then, pray for the suggested country and its people for 5 minutes every day, all week long.

We really like this idea!

Click here to sign up and start today!


Laundry Love at Summer Swamp!

At Summer Swamp, we had a friendly competition between the girls and boys to see who could raise the most money for Laundry Love Project.  The boys raised the most with $36.83. The girls did a great job, too, and raised $19.54!  In total, we raised $56.37 for Laundry Love Project!  Great job everyone!

Laundry Love Project exists to help people struggling financially do their laundry.  The goal is to turn laundromats into a place of relief and community for those living in homeless shelters, cars, garages, and on the streets.

Watch this video or visit their website to learn more!

Laundry Love Project is hosted in laundromats all over the United States!  Learn more about our Local Laundry Love Project on their facebook page.

Thanks for loving those in need in our community!

Stephanie & Linda

Summer Swamp Recap!

Did you miss Antioch’s annual Summer VBS, Summer Swamp?  Well, you don’t have to miss out on ALL the fun!  Check out our fun Summer Swamp 2012 video below!

Wondering how you can get your hands on all the great photos from Summer Swamp?  All our photos are in a password-protected photo album online!

Simply go to and type in the password “AntiochKids” for access to hundreds of pictures from Summer Swamp!

You’ll be able to view all the photos, share them with friends and family, and save them for use in your own family photo albums!

We hope you love the pictures as much as we do!

Happy Monday!

Stephanie & Linda

Summer Swamp Highlight Photos – Water Day!

That’s right, today was Water Day at Summer Swamp, and not a single kid (or intern) stayed dry!  Check out the highlight photos below to see just how much fun we had!

Thanks to everyone who came out for Summer Swamp!  We had a blast!  What will we do until next Summer!?!

Stay tuned next week for information about how you can see ALL the pictures from Summer Swamp!

See you on Sunday!

Stephanie & Linda


Summer Swamp Day 3 Highlight Photos!

We had so much fun at Summer Swamp today!

Look what we did!

Remember, tomorrow is water day!  Come ready to get wet! Bathing suits and towells recommended.  Also, don’t forget sunscreen and a water bottle!

See you tomorrow!

Stephanie & Linda

Summer Swamp Day 2 Highlight Photos!

Another exciting day at Summer Swamp has come and gone.  We had a great time and can’t wait until tomorrow!

Look what we did today:

Happy Summer Swamp!

See you tomorrow!

Linda & Stephanie

Summer Swamp 2012!

This week marks the 6th annual Antioch Vacation Bible School: Summer Swamp!

Today was a real blast!  We had a great time singing songs, eating snacks, playing games, making crafts, and learning about Paul’s amazing story!

Check out the blog each day this week for a Summer Swamp Highlight Photo!  We will also have an album of pictures available to parents in a password-protected online photo-sharing website.  Watch for information about that next week!

Here is today’s Highlight Photo! Okay, photos – we couldn’t pick just one!

We can’t wait for tomorrow!

It’s supposed to be hot all week, so make sure your kids come with a water bottle and wearing lots of sun screen!

Happy Summer Swamping!

Linda and Stephanie

Epic Love!

Can you believe it’s almost July!  The weather is warm and summer is in full swing!

This month in Antioch Kids, your children will be learning the virtue of LOVEChoosing to give someone your time and friendship no matter what.  What an important virtue for our kids to know and act on!

The memory verse is Matthew 22:39, NIV “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Watch for parent packs this coming Sunday, July, 1st.  They will be filled with resources and ideas of how you can take the lesson on Sunday mornings home and help instill this virtue in your kids’ daily lives!

Wondering what to do with your kids on those long summer days?  Don’t forget to look at the Mission Kids activities!  There are several activities that focus around the virtue of love that can help you take the lead in your kids’ spiritual development.

Linda & Stephanie