May Day!

May is here already! Can you believe it!

This month in Antioch Kids, your children will be learning the virtue of responsibility: showing you can be trusted with what’s expected of you.

The memory verse is Luke 16:10 (NIV) “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.”

You can help make this virtue come alive at home by helping your kids think about their responsibilities in your family and household.

Watch for parent packs this coming Sunday, May 6th.  They will be filled with resources and ideas of how you can take the lesson on Sunday mornings home and help instill this virtue in your kids’ daily lives.

How does your family teach responsibility?  What have you tried that has worked (or not worked!)?  Share in the comments section below!


Family Night of Worship

It’s that time again – time for another Antioch Night of Worship and Communion!

Next Sunday, April 29th at 7pm in the Bend High Auditorium, we are inviting parents to include their kids in Worship Night.  One of the best ways kids learn is by following the example of their parents.  What better way to teach kids the importance of worship and communion than sharing it with them?

Instead of having child care, kids will go into the worship service with their parents.  Families will share a time of worship and hear stories of how God is working in the lives of people at Antioch.  When it is time for communion, parents can either share communion with their kids, or send them into the commons for a kids snack and activity.

When Worship Night is over, parents can pick up their kids in the commons.

It’s going to be a great night!

We hope you’re excited for Family Worship Night, we sure are!

See you there!

Stephanie & Linda

Meet Lola!

Hi Friends!

Linda and I are excited to tell you about the newest Kid Close-Up, Meet Lola!

You and your kids will love to hear about what like is life for 6 year old Lola in Panama.  Her family is a part of the Embari tribe and their whole village is surrounded by jungle!

Isn’t it fun to learn about the lives of kids all around the world?

This Kid Close-Up is complete with ways that you and your family can pray for Lola and the people in her village.

In the story, you will learn about how girls in Lola’s tribe get their bodies painted with smashed up berries and plants.  Why not have your kids collect some leaves, grasses, berries and flowers from the yard and see what kind of artwork they can create by smashing plants!

Let us know what your kids came up with in the comments section below!

Have a great week (:

Every Morning is Easter Morning!

Happy Monday Friends!

We hope that you had a blessed Easter filled with family and friends.

In Antioch Kids, we learned that Easter isn’t really about eggs, candy and the Easter bunny.  It is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!

There are many things to celebrate! Jesus showed us extreme kindness by dying on the cross. God showed extreme kindness by sending his Son Jesus and raising him from the grave. Because of this, we should want to show extreme kindness to everyone we know!

In fact, in Matthew 25:40, Jesus says when we are kind to others, it is just like we are being kind to Him!

Help your kids keep the celebration going by having your family participate in the Kindness Challenge.

See how many times you can show kindness this week!

Click the picture below to download a printable PDF of the Kindness Challenge!

Let’s go crazy with kindness and show people the extreme kindness that Jesus has shown us!

Happy Easter!

Stephanie and Linda


This month your child will be learning about the virtue Respect — responding with words and actions that show others they are important.

The memory verse kids will learn about while at Antioch Kids is — Luke 6:31 “Do to others as you would like them to do to you.

As a family, find a fun way to help your kids easily memorize God’s word – you could make up some hand motions, or sing the words to a familiar melody!

This Sunday, kids created a table topper.  Put this on your dining table as a helpful reminder to show respect throughout the month!

If your kids missed out on making table toppers, don’t worry! You can pick one up next Sunday morning!