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Listen up!  We wanted to share a great new resource with you!  Antioch just launched a new Redux website!

What is Redux?

Redux is meant to restore permission for people to ask questions and wrestle with faith – thus the name, which is Latin for “brought back” or “restored.”

One of the most exciting things about the new Redux website is the incredible search functionality.
Type in a specific word, concept or question into the search bar to pick out the most pertinent videos to your question from the 550 posted on the site!

There are two categories that we want to bring your attention to: Parenting  and Students & Youth.

Check it out!

Here is a sample video! Enjoy!

How do I protect my kids from consumerism and envy? from :redux on Vimeo.


Mission Kids :: The Music Project

Life is busy.  Really busy.  It can be tough for parents to find time to instill virtues of compassion in kids, to find ways to broaden a kid’s view of the world and help them value people different than themselves.  It can be tough for churches to use the short time available every week to help kids internalize that the God who loves them loves all people and desires for us to love others as well.

The Mission Kids Music Project is a tool to enable you to listen to music with a purpose.  The lyrics are profound.  The music is fun.  Kids will love it and parents will too.  This is a great way to utilize your on-the-go time with your kids… whether you’re on your way to school, soccer practice, or wherever else life might take you!  We’re excited to help you raise compassionate and mission minded kids!

You will enjoy music from Antioch artists such as Grace Laxson, Micah Bournes, Justin Lavik and more!

Preview the songs by clicking the picture below.  You can purchase the album digitally on itunes or physically at the Kilns Bookstore (CD’s will also be available at the Kilns Book Cart on Sunday mornings at Antioch).

We can’t wait to share this with you!  Let us know which song(s) are your favorite in the comment section below!

Happy listening!
Stephanie & Linda

Make Valentine’s Day Meaningful

I remember being a kid on Valentine’s Day. My parents would have gifts waiting at the table for my brother and me when we came to breakfast. There were parties at school, exchanging valentine cards and candies in class,  extra recess.

I’m not sure that I was ever taught the history behind Valentine’s day, but I always had the general idea that it was a whole day dedicated to showing your loved ones that you love them. But, I was never encouraged to act on it. I was worried about what I was going to get, would I get more valentine cards than other kids, would I get more candy. It always came back to me.

What would our world look like if kids were taught that Valentines Day is about giving, not getting.What would it look like if we encouraged our kids to show love?

This Valentines Day, why not do just that?

Here are a few ideas of things you can do:

  • Use this opportunity to teach your kids the history of Valentines Day and what the Bible tells us about loving one another.
  • As a family, identify people you know of who are in need.  This could be a friend, a family member, a classmate, or maybe a homeless person your kids see on the way to school.  Figure out a way you, as a family, can show this person love.  You could bake cookies for them, do their chores, create an “I Care” kit, or even invite them over for dinner!
  • When your family exchanges Valentine Cards, have your kids write something inside the card they pledge to do to show the recipient their love.  For example: “Dear Dad, Happy Valentines Day!  I love you.  To show you my love, I promise to help you wash your car.  Love, Jason”
  • Valentine’s Day has a lot of sweet treats involved.  Encourage your kids to find ways to be sweet without giving candy.  What sweet things can they do for someone?  What sweet words could they say to someone?
  • Make your valentines instead of buying them!  Consider it a labor of love – explain the meaning to your kids.  Below are some valentines you can print from home!

What other ways have you and your family found to make Valentine’s Day more meaningful?  Let us know in the comment section below!

Happy Valentines Day!
Linda and Stephanie

Honor Packs

We are so excited about the virtue this month!

We really want your kids to get serious about honoring other people! They have created their very own Honor Pack – everything in this pack will help them understand what it means to honor others.

There are weekly God Time devotionals to do with your kids, a memory verse challenge, and a table topper to help them remember the basics about this virtue.

At the end of the month, if your child has completed the God Time devotionals, memorized a verse from the memory verse challenge, and can recite the virtue and its definition, they will be rewarded with a certificate for a free personal pizza!

If your kids missed out on making Honor Packs, don’t worry! You can pick one up on Sunday morning!