Antioch Child Dedication

Child dedication is a very special commitment for a family.  It is a public declaration by parents or guardians, in front of friends and family, committing oneself to raise their child to know the Lord and value the things that the Lord values.

We put a lot of thought and planning into how best to make Child Dedications more memorable and meaningful – we wanted to offer more than just a quick mention from stage during a regular service.  We decided to host a special service, just for friends and family of those dedicating their Children.  This service would be held after the regular service and would have a reception to follow.

During the Child Dedication Service, Pastor Ken gave a brief message describing why Antioch does a Child Dedication.  Then, each family was invited on stage to read aloud a prayer they had prepared for their child.

Following the service, families were invited to the commons to have a professional family photo taken by Tony Qurio and share in a time of fellowship and cake!  Each family was also given copies of the photos and an Antioch diaper bag tag.

Remember, your child does not have to be a baby to participate in the Child Dedication.   Stay tuned for more information on future Child Dedication dates.

Below are a few photos from the event.

Visit out our photobucket album and enter the password AntiochKids to download photos for your own personal albums.


Make Thanksgiving Meaningful

We all get wrapped up in familiar holiday traditions: spending time with family, watching the thanksgiving day parade, spending all day cooking, watching the big game, eating a delicious meal, spending all evening cleaning. It’s easy to fall into old routines and forget about serving others. What about the people who have no family to share Thanksgiving with?  What about the people who don’t have a TV on which to watch the parade or the big game?  What about the people who won’t get a meal on Thanksgiving?

Why not use this holiday to help your children learn more about compassion and gratitude?

Here are some ideas you can easily implement to help make Thanksgiving more meaningful for you and your family.

  1. Thanksgiving Box :: Choose a special box to be the “Thanksgiving Box.”  This could be a box you purchase or even just a shoebox you and the kids decorate.  Throughout the week, have each family member write down something that they are thankful for and drop it in the box.  Find a time on Thanksgiving Day to read these items aloud.  Now that you have the “Thanksgiving Box,” why not keep it for next year, but have your family members write something weekly or monthly!
  2. Kids in the Kitchen :: Designate a time during the day for kids to make a pie or bake some cookies that they can then share with the elderly or someone in need.  You can deliver the snacks as a family to help teach the idea of “giving back.”
  3. Guest Family Member :: Invite someone to share dinner with you who you know doesn’t have family to spend the holiday with (college student, older singles, widowers, etc.).
  4. Serve the Homeless :: Find a soup kitchen in your area that is serving a meal on Thanksgiving Day.  As a family, volunteer to serve a meal to those in need, right in your own community!
  5. Family Prayer :: When it’s time for your big Thanksgiving meal, have everyone at the table say something they are thankful for!   Make sure mom or dad start and end the prayer allowing kids and other family members to speak in between.

Click the picture below for more fun Thanksgiving crafts and activities.

We pray that your Thanksgiving will be blessed!
Happy Holidays from your friends at Antioch Mission Kids!

Christmas in November!

If you didn’t have a chance to stop by the Children’s wing at Antioch on Sunday, you may have missed Christmas in November!

Antioch Kids had a GREAT time learning about Gratitude and packing shoeboxes for children all over the world!  We are excited to see how families can work together to finish the boxes!  Remember, you can drop the finished boxes off at the Antioch offices this week Monday – Friday OR bring them to church on November 20th.  November 20th is the last day to turn them in, so make sure to turn the boxes in on time!

Merry Christmas in November from your friends at Antioch Mission Kids!

Operation Christmas Child – NEXT SUNDAY!

Hello Antioch Families!

We just wanted to remind you that next Sunday, November 13th, kids in Jumpstart and Geared (grades K-5th) will start the process of packing their own shoebox. Please have your child bring a shoebox to church! Sunday morning, your kids will be learning about the virtue of Gratitude, and then have a tangible chance to act on it by packing a box. They will leave that morning with a shoebox, a couple of small toys, and directions on how to complete it as a family. Most importantly we want each kid to walk away with an appreciation for what God has given them and a desire to do something kind for others who are less fortunate.

Once your kid brings home the started box, here’s how it works:

  1. Decide the gender and age group you will be packing the box for and mark it on the provided shipping label.
  2. Fill up your box according to the age group and gender you chose! Some things you can include are small toys, school supplies, or hygiene items. (For more ideas on what to pack, visit the Operation Christmas Child website)
  3. Fill out the donation sheet and include the check to cover the cost of shipping your box. (This donation goes straight to Samaritans Purse)
  4. As a family, pray for the child who will be receiving the box you just packed.
  5. Drop of the shoebox to the Antioch church offices during the week of November 14th-18th or bring it back to church on Sunday November 20th and keep praying!

If you have any question email or click to picture below for more information from Samaritan’s Purse.