Antioch Kids get SWAMPED!

This past week was Antioch Kid’s annual Summer Swamp, and boy did we have fun! A total of 109 kids showed up to learn about what compassion is: seeing a need and doing something to help! Day one involved the kids each making a pair of Compassion Glasses, because before you can help, you have to see the needs of others. During day two, your kiddos got their snack out of the trash, like more than 5,000 kids in Nicaragua do every single day. (Except at Summer Swamp getting snack from the trash means scooping tasty heaps of chocolate chips, pretzels, and animals cookies out of a clean trash bag) On day 3 Summer Swamp goers imagined life as a member of the underground church in China and attempted to successfully ‘smuggle’ a Bible from one end of the grass field to the other. The final day concluded with the children realizing the need of those in their own neighborhood. They put together “I Care Kits” full of useful, everyday items, so that the next time they see someone with a need, they can do something to help!

Here are some highlights from Summer Swamp last week! Visit our photobucket album (using the password AntiochKids) to see more pictures!