Summer Swamp 2011

Hey there Antioch families!

It’s about that time of year again; you guessed it, time for Summer Swamp! If you have never had a kid participate in this annual Kid’s Summer Camp, they’re missing out! Every day is filled with tons of fun! Kids participate in worship, games, snacks, memory verse challenges, and crafts. This year it’s all centered on compassion. This is such an important concept for kids to learn and this year they will gain understanding of what compassion is, why it’s important to our God, and what it means to live compassionately. Each of the four days has a new theme about compassion that will get your kids excited!

This year Summer Swamp will be held again at Blakely Park. The dates are July 11th-14th from 10am-12pm. The cost is simple, $20 for one kiddo or $40 per family.  BUT it doesn’t have to stop with your kids, you as a parent have the chance to be a part of Summer Swamp as well! There are opportunities for you to volunteer and check out all of the fun things your kids are learning. To register, volunteer, or just ask some questions, find the Summer Swamp registration table in The Commons this coming Sunday OR send an email to

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God Story!

This past quarter, families came together to participate in a Mission Kids event called “We have so much stuff!” They were asked to look around their house to find clothes, toys, books, or other items to sell. Then, with that money, instead of buying new stuff for themselves, they put money toward buying Bibles for kids in the Congo. While most American families have multiple Bibles in their own language, church members in the Congo oftentimes don’t even have one! You can read Swahili Bible stories like the ones the kids read in the Congo, if you click here!

Parents and kids from Antioch and Whittier Hills Baptist Church worked hard to raise money to purchase Bibles in both Swahili and French, the languages the Congolese kids speak. They worked so hard in fact, that together they raised $551, that’s approximately 18 Bibles!  Which means that those kids will have the chance to get hear the word of God. That is so exciting!

What’s even more exciting is that if you missed out of participating in the event, or want to help more, there is still time! Get your family excited about this incredible opportunity to bring God’s word to kids in the Congo. Click here if you want to read more about the  “We have so much stuff!” event.

If you’d like to help send more Bibles to the Congo, email us at

“Penelope Judd” by Shai Linne

Hey there Antioch Families!

Check out this video featuring a song by Christian recording artist Shai Linne. He has some pretty clever rap lyrics that tell a story about a little girl named Penelope and her journey to see the King. It is such an awesome way to explain to your kids what our God has done for us. Rock out together and then chat about what it all means.